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Extreme Off-Roading Capabilities!

Ultimate Dana 80™ Crate Axles are Designed for the Toughest Applications!

The Ultimate Dana 80 LogoThe new Ultimate Dana 80™ Bracketless Crate Axles allow for installation in virtually any application. These axles feature the Dana-engineered Dana 80™ housing while the tubes are ultra-strong 4” tubes with 5/8” wall thickness containing Spicer® 40 spline nickel chromoly steel axle shafts.

Ultimate Dana 80™ Rear Bracketless Axles
All of the features; none of the brackets


Ultimate Dana 80™ crate axles include Spicer® performance ring and pinion gears in ratio 3.73 through 5.38.

Get the new Ultimate Dana 80™ Bracketless Crate Axle straight from Dana, weld on the brackets that fit your rig, and get ready to overcome even the most extreme obstacles.

Ultimate Dana 80™ Bracketless Crate Axles incorporate the upgrades that off-roaders demand.

Get Unrivaled Durability for Your Custom Build

Trust Ultimate Dana 80™ Bracketless axles to provide a higher torque load, and deliver peak protection from environmental contaminants. Get the performance and dependability of Ultimate Dana 80™ for your custom build today!

Ultimate Dana 80™ Bracketless axles provide maximum strength and durability for vehicles with larger tires, and feature:

  • Spicer 40 spline SAE-4340 nickel chromoly steel axle shafts
  • Full-float design
  • Dana-engineered carrier with ribbed housing design
  • ARB Air Locker
  • Heavy-duty 8 x 6.5”-wheel bolt pattern
  • Spicer 1410 Strap-style/Half-round end yoke
  • Axle tubes: 4" outside diameter / .65" wall thickness
  • Genuine Made in the USA Spicer ring and pinion gearing - 5.38 ratio
  • Spicer ring and pinion gearing: 11.3" (287 mm)
  • 69” Width (1752.6 mm) - wheel mount surface to wheel mount surface


Ultimate Dana 80™ Rear Bracketless Crate Axles®

Ratio Part #
3.73 10082273
4.10 10082274
4.88 10082275
5.38 10082277


To discover all the features and benefits of Ultimate Dana 80™ axles, download the brochure on the right. Then, contact your Spicer parts dealer to gain a true competitive advantage with high-performance Ultimate Dana 80™ Bracketless Crate Axles®.

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